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WMS & RF Solutions

Proper selection, configuration and implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS) is an essential element in creating a high performance, low cost distribution environment. The number of WMS software products is extensive. We maintain a database of the established and emerging WMS software products and suppliers, tracking functionality, performance, cost, service, technology, reliability and customer satisfaction. We have implemented warehouse management systems on numerous hardware and operating platforms.

The use of bar coded labels, along with scanning technology, can greatly enhance the accuracy of inventory transactions and data collection and is mandatory for some warehouses applications. Tambro provides a wide range of bar code solutions, from pre-printed inventory location ID labels to real-time printing solutions. We also have available the latest scanning equipment to help you capture bar coded data as required.

The warehouse offers an ideal environment to implement radio frequency technology. Tambro offers a wide range of hand held and truck mounted RF terminals for use in the warehouse. Completely wireless and real-time, this technology will enhance productivity and improve the accuracy and timeliness of inventory data and customer order tracking. Tambro has experience in implementing RF systems for various warehouse applications.