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Expert Service

Storage Facility Planning

In order to optimize the efficiency and space utilization of your warehouse, it is necessary to have the proper design and layout.

We spend time understanding the operational requirements and work procedures unique to your company to help create flexible layouts using your space efficiently and effectively.  Whether the layout is in an existing facility or in a new facility our goal is to fit the space around the function and process vs. fitting the function and process into the space.

Our experience in material handling design and implementation includes conventional and automated approaches for storage and handling systems. We will establish the optimum layout for your warehouse.  This will include the correct slotting for your products; the best storage systems for space utilization; a layout that supports efficient material flow in & out of the facility; improved operating procedures and the incorporation of any secondary functions into the overall design.

We are experts at designing storage systems that optimize the use of space and minimize material handling and product damage. We can provide you the design and implementation for complete distribution centre solutions that integrate material handling equipment, storage systems, warehouse management systems, automation controls, bar coding and RF identification.

Further, we will provide to you our recommendations to streamline your operational procedures and systems for:

  • Receiving

  • Put-away

  • Dock management and cross docking

  • Replenishment

  • Order picking distribution

  • Packing

  • Order consolidation

  • Order checking

  • Shipping

  • Internal/ external transportation