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After 20 years of extensive experience in the design, implementation and operations of conventional and highly automated material handling solutions for distribution and manufacturing operations our president, Erin Todd Hart, incorporated, Tambro Warehouse Solutions Inc. in 2008. 

Tambro Warehouse Solutions Inc. offers specific services to help improve the day-to-day efficiency of your warehouse or distribution facility. Our experience enables us to deliver solutions that are easy to implement and provide you with significant cost savings, as well as improving customer service.

Our philosophy is to consider each project unique. As such, we will provide the best resources to get the results you require. We have the right people and the right business partners to make your project a success.

Tambro Warehouse Solutions Inc. is an independent consulting firm. Our consultancy is not affiliated with manufacturers, distributors, and providers of material handling and warehouse management software systems (WMS). As your consultant, we promise to provide analysis, concepts, and solutions that are unbiased and specifically tailored to your requirements and best interests.

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Tambro Warehouse Solutions Inc. is based in the lower mainland of British Columbia providing consulting services to help you run your warehouse and distribution facilities more efficiently.

We offer a wide range of services to improve operations, including: 

  • Storage facility planning and operations solutions

  • Storage systems and racking solutions

  • Warehouse Management Software (WMS) solutions

  • Bar code and Radio Frequency (RF) solutions

  • Material handling equipment solutions

  • Contract Management Services within your facility

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Storage Facility Planning

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WMS & RF Solutions

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Material Handling Equipment

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Contract Management Services

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